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Our mission and our attitude comes from our experience

We pursue clients loyalty through a long period satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction through appropriate packaging and packaging machineries integration;
  • Customer loyalty through high added value services and assistance;
  • Long period relationships through reliable, moderate and confidential attitude.


  • our experience: focus and know how;
  • our expertise: technology;
  • our assistance: problem solving.

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Filling & Packaging sums up the experience of men and women working in the field of the filling and packaging processes for over thirty years time. Our goal is helping clients succeed with their business at a productive, efficient and commercial level.

We have the ability to integrate packaging solutions for every kind of liquid and container: our industry grew in knowledge over the years, by the side of our clients, understanding the client’s working and commercial environment, engineering their success, regardless of the dimension of the investment. We commit ourselves to remain at client’s side for the complete life cycle of the plant to assist business growth, supply spare parts and maintenance, plan and implements new packaging, new products, additional production lines, utilities and facilities.
Our commitment is our source of experience.

Filling & Packaging’s team and network is now expert on best technologies for mostly every possible product. Especially we are keen on beer, juice, wine, spirits, soft drinks, dressing and sauces. We are expert in turnkey solution and devices to fill, cover and embellish every kind of packaging container made of PET, HDPE, glass, steel, or flexible and plastic material.

Our personnel and teams produces, commits and assists bottling and packaging plants worldwide and daily:

Product/CountryEuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaEastMiddle EastOceaniaAfrica
CSD, water, still and sparkling beveragesPET, Cans, GlassPETGlassPETPET, Glass
Juices/Dairy/Tea/Functional DrinksHDPEPETPETPETPET
Sauces/DressingFlexible packaging, Glass, CansFlexible packaging
Filling & Packaging’s know-how includes the engineering of complex packaging systems and turnkey solutions:

  • Blow molding machineries
  • Filling machineries
  • Rinsing machineries
  • Closing, seaming and sealing machineries
  • Process technologies for sensible products, hot filling for tea, juices, milk and more.
  • Gravity filling and isobaric filling
  • Process technologies for production of beverages and drinks
  • Pasteurizing of components and bottles during product preparation or containers filling.
  • Conveying systems for containers and packs
  • Packaging and machineries sanitizing and sterilizing systems
  • Palletizing and depalletizing islands and systems
  • Food safety and quality control inspectors and engineering


Filling and Packaging is constantly researching for new applications, systems and devices to improve product quality, eye-catching and comfortable packaging. We focus on reducing manufacturing costs thanks to the right technology selection: our relationships with top market players and technology leaders provide clients with the complete benchmark of market possibilities.

We also guarantee maximum flexibility during the installation process giving clients the possibility to organize  spaces and time in the most rational way.  Attention to hygiene, safety and Law compliance is always definitely a must.

Our experienced Technical Engineers plans and implements customized filling and packaging solutions even if restricted to a peculiar need or unique design:

ProductApplicationLine Services
CSD, water, still and sparkling beverages in Glass, Metal and plastic containersProduct and syrups preparation, sugar dissolution and pasteurisation

Blowmoulding, Rinsing, Isobaric or gravity Filling, Capping

Labelling, Wrapping, Cartoning, Palletising

Electrical Cabinets, Utilities and refrigeration

Conveying systems

Level, closure controls

Printing systems

On line and in line software

Juices/Dairy/Tea/Functional Drinks in Glass, Metal and plastic containersBlowmoulding, Depalletising, Unscrambling

Rinsing/Sanitation, Hot Filling, cold filling, fibers and chunk addiction, Capping/Seaming


Stretchwrapping, cartoning, Palletising
Wine/Beer in glass conteinersDepalletising

Rinsing, Flushing, Filling, Capping

Cartoning. Palletising
Souces/Dressing in glass and plastic containersDepalletising

Rinsing, Hot or cold Filling, Capping, Pasteurising

Cartoning/Fardellatrice, Palletising

Assistance, spare parts and services

Our prestigious customers portfolio is our main pride.

Assist clients, worldwide, with the conduction of plants give us lots of credibility, good reputation and experience. In this we trust. Our efficient team, 24 hours per day available, is constantly at disposal for every department of your Company hierarchy, from administration to storage.

Filling & Packaging groups a wide selling agent’s network focused in after sales assistance and maintenance. Our technicians are constantly trained on site: they enrich their personal know how thanks to the multiple experience on various projects, side by side with the most advanced customers packaging lines. We consider a continuative presence and a long term relationship the main factor for our success and avoid touch-and-go business partners.

Filling and Packaging offers programmed maintenance contracts and lines management consulting. We install, test and start personally all packaging lines. We monitor machineries health status and suggest intervention when needed for longer machineries life expectation. We perform overhouling, projects and interventions for new products and containers on all production lines and integrate new solutions for packaging, labeling, marking, palletizing schemas and secondary packaging. We integrate your plants with new lines combining different machineries in order to obtain maximum flexibility and productivity.

New Packaging line and machineriesEngineering, Erection, Commissioning, Installation, 2000-4000 working hour spare parts
After Sale ServiceAssistance and intervention, FSPS (fast spare parts service), Remote assistance. Strategic and non strategic spare parts stock management.
Plant ManagementPlant consulting, Data management and optimization, Training and coaching, Strategic spare parts evaluation, Scheduled maintenance.
Plant upgrade and optimizationMachinery overhouling, New products, Additional containers formats, New palletizing schemas, New functions and packaging machinery, Packaging line move, Used machines commercialization.