Sparkling wine filling in glass bottles

  1. TURNKEY PLANT product: CRAFT BEER, container: CAN, production: 12000 BOTTLES PER HOUR, formats: 750 ml

TURNKEY PLANT product: VODKA, container: GLASS, production: 24000 BOTTLES PER HOUR, formats: 1500 ml

Product type:VODKA
Production capacity:12.000 bottles per hour on 500 ML
Bottle formats:250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml
Bottle design:Glass 750 mlGlass 330 ml
Closure typeScrew metal cap ɸ 28 mm and 30 mm
Packaging typeCarton
Labels typeFront and back labels, neck label, seal and bar code.
Clusters3x2, 4x3, 6x4
 Packaging machineries and technologies 
002Empty bottle inspection deviceTable with light to inspect quality of the bottles
003RinserAutomatic rinser with alcohol
004Filler monoblockF&P M 40/10
40 isobaric filling valves
10 capping heads
005Cap feederMechanical cap feeder elevator and tank
006Inspection and controlCap and level control automatic orbital system
007LabelerAutomatic labeler front, rear and neck label and seal
20 Heads
008MarkerInk Jet marking unit
009Case PackerF&P M Case packer
2 heads
011Packs conveyorsF&P Pack Conveyors
012Carton box closerAutomatic adhesive film closer
013Bottles and cartons conveyorsFilling & Packaging conveyor systems
EPower managementElectrical cabinets and cables

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