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Filling & Packaging knows clients products and can propose benchmarked packaging solutions, turnkey plant and machineries for business to succeed. The company is focused on the best technologies and practices for the engineering production and commissioning of turnkey packaging plants for cans, glass and PET bottles, and polycarbonate tanks.

The company team focuses on client product for granting food safety, quality, and cost efficiency.
To succeed in the beverage and food industry entrepreneurs need to pay full attention to taste, trends and packaging.
Filling & Packaging experience, expertise and services is by clients side to find the right balance between flexibility, productivity, quality and investments.


  1. Beer
  2. Flat and sparkling Water
  3. Carbonated soft drinks
  4. Wines, Sparkling wines, ciders and spirits
  5. Juices, juices with chunks and fibers and Yogurt drinks
  6. Tea and functional Drinks


  1. Olive oil and vinegar
  2. Dressing seasoning sauces and honey

For any kind of product or packaging contact our offices at sales@fillandpack.com or fulfill the contact form or call us at the telephone number +39 0522 902004


Beer filling working line

Filling & Packaging delivers turnkey packaging plants for beer in glass and PET bottles and in metal cans. Beer is a delicate and sensible product with thousands of shades of taste, colors, and sensations. Our plants are engineered to maintain the original characteristics of the product whatever the dimension of the plant is.

Our state of the art filling and capping technologies are designed to maintain carbonation, minimize oxygen pick-up, pollution bacteria, beer lost, and CO2 consumption.
Beer is respected either for the big bottling plants either for the nice beer producers, at the lowest production costs.
We offer the most endearing labeling and secondary packaging solutions for clients success. Our turnkey plants are designed to offer the best efficiency in terms of flexibility and cost effectiveness with fast format change tools and robot palletizer islands.

Special solutions for craft brewing

Filling & Packaging developed automatic and semiautomatic beer filling lines for glass, PET and cans dedicated to craft brewers. Our technologies derive from the high production rate plants and deployed to craft brewers scale needs. Craft beer lines and machineries could be integrated with different kind of optional to complete and enrich filling, closures and labeling.

Learn more about beer packaging lines

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Water and Sparkling water

Water filling line

Filling & Packaging water plant and machineries are the synthesis of convenience and cost effectiveness.
Our PET filling machines can be combined in block with blow-moulders or be independent through air conveyors to fit client needs as required. Our technical and engineering department is able to propose the most advanced solutions to reduce plastic bottles and caps weight.


Machines are constantly renewed to reduce consumption of energy and increase speed and quality.
Our lines could be integrated with valves and container transfer systems able to manage change formats from glass to PET and vice versa.  Under request optional could transform a sparkling and flat water plant in a CSD filling plant.

See our lines for water and sparkling water

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Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drink

Filling and Packaging implements complete filling lines for carbonated beverages: starting from the preparation of the product up to the palletizing of the packs.
Process technologies include beverage preparation machineries for carbonation, sugar dissolvers, pasteurizers, mixers, tanks, piping and automation tools to manage different product and receipts.

Clients not customers

Filling & Packaging is always by the client side for the full life cycle of the plant to propose new packaging, embellishments and adoption of new formats and products and helps customers to step forward in the high competitive beverage markets. Diversify your production with out process plants and filling technologies.

See our lines for CSD beverages

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Wines, sparkling Wines, Ciders and Spirits

wine spirits cider

Filling & Packaging can come up with a wide range of solutions for the varied and complex world of wine including champenoise and classic methods. Our bottling lines can offer charming solutions for wine, spirits, and any alcoholic  beverage. Our lines can satisfy big bottlers and independent winery: we focus on long term conservation of the quality of wine and spirits at reduced investment costs.

Our isobaric filling technologies can contemplate different degrees of fluxing and evacuation of the container and are designed in order to: miantain carbonation and minimize oxygen absorption, bacteria pollution, product loss and CO2 consumption.

Custom design

Our bottling plants are designed in order to offer customized solutions of costs and flexibility with fast format change tools and palletizing and de-palletizing systems (working from above and below) and robotized systems for manpower streamlining.

See our Wine and Spirits lines

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Juice filling

Nectars, juices, blended fruit, fibers, chunks, vitamins. Is it food or beverage? No matter. Filling & Packaging experience goes from process to packaging in any kind of container to enhance food safety and taste.
We offer ultraclean technologies and weight fillers with all-formats shrink wrapping and labeling capabilities.

We are HOT FILL specialists:

Our HOT FILL plant are optimized for Can, PET and glass
We guarantee limited product recirculation and easy clean tools
Our lines can be integrated with special fillers for fibers and chunks
Our filling machines for juices are designed to optimize energy consumption. Easy, fast and cheap format changes
Our processing system is precise and safe, adapt to fast product changes
Juices pasteurization and sanitation are monitored by scaled cooling tunnels and cap sanitation systems
Packaging areas, were the product is exposed, are maintained in a controlled environment
We use aerodynamically controlled air flows
Hygiene is guaranteed by clean in place or sterilize in place systems

See our Lines for fruit Juices

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Tea and Functional drinks

juices tea functional beverages

Functional drinks, either modern or old, healthy or energetic, are the symbol of beverages new fronteer and customers new consciousness and perception of the world. Our charming packaging communicates the quality of the product to the costumers helping clients to get their objectives.
Our team is experienced in planning complete lines for filling and packaging every type of container, can, PET.

For your tea or functional beverage we provide:

  • isobaric filling,
  • flow-meter filler,
  • hot filling,
  • volumetric filling,
  • weight filling.

For more information please contact sales@fillandpack.com

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Dressings, Seasonings, sauces and honey

edible oil dressing olive oil

Filling & Packaging tradition in olive oils and dressings is tied to the environment. Filling & Packaging engineers have a long tradition in the production of olive oil, preserve, wine, fruit and fruit based products.
This know-how and the respect of the products are used for the design and engineering of the filling machines and packaging plants. Filling and packaging fits any bottle design and may include different multiple option of labeling and packaging. All lines could be integrated with the most efficient systems for clean in place and sterilize in place (CIP and SIP). We offer the most advanced systems of marking and controlling to guarantee traceability and food safety.
Our engineering can offer and integrate packaging lines with tanks and piping for the best treatment of the product and raw materials.

Craft production of edible oils and dressings

Filling and Packaging produces automatic and semiautomatic packaging lines for low speed craft productions. Our special solutions are designed to reduce machines footprint and working hours use maintaining high quality performances.

For more information please contact sales@fillandpack.com

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