CLICK TO ENLARGEAzimut rotating can filler craft brewers

This counter pressure machine is designed and engineered for CRAFT BREWERS that want to offer beer in can with high filling quality performances, controlled running costs and limited investment.

Packaging technology Products/ Containers/ Closures
The valve is integrated inside the annular tank of the filler, it is designed
to fill aluminum or steel containers. The valve offers many advantages in
terms of quality, return of investment and running costs.
The valves are constructed of AISI 304 and finished with accuracy
resulting efficient in term of hygiene and efficiency.

Main Features:
  1. Valve elements sunken in the annular tank
  2. Pneumatic actuators
  3. Air return in tank by vent-tube
The machine is composed of:
  1. an inlet screw,
  2. a 12 UNICA CAN valves central tank filler turret
  3. Seamer
counter pressure filling valve for cansDesigned for BEER

Other products:
  1. Carbonated and flat beverages
  2. Juices and Functional drinks, tea: cold or Hot Filling
  1. All beverage aluminum cans
  2. Iron cans
  1. Any kind of can lid


  1. High quality filling technology with reduced foaming and O2 absorption and CO2 consumption.
  2. Soft can movement: the filling valve descends on the container and ascends after filling reducing shakes of the filled can.
  3. The transfer star from the filling turret to the seamer is performed with special design to optimize time phases and increase productivity reducing foam and product lost
  4. Optimized cost engineering for a nominal production of 3400 cans per hour